Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Where the Money Goes Where the Money Goes

The DCC’s mission is to improve people’s lives through financial support for innovative cancer research at South Florida’s only academic-based cancer center – Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami. Since its inception, the DCC has raised over $16.5 million, donating 100% of participant-raised funds to Sylvester.

The $16.5 million has been used by Sylvester to make life-changing discoveries leading to more individualized treatments, better outcomes, and more hope for patients. Through advances at Sylvester and at academic centers around the nation, Sylvester is striving to analyze the make-up of each person’s cancer, to determine what’s driving its growth and – most importantly – to learn what will prevent it from growing.

Specifically, your generosity is helping fund these critical research areas at Sylvester:

Developing Multi-Hormone Combinations for Breast Cancer Treatment
Supported by DCC funds, a team of researchers at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is investigating the role of non-genetic factors in the development of breast cancer. They found that identical genetic defects give rise to different tumors depending on the breast cell type they originated in. The researchers are so encouraged by their early findings that they envision some breast cancer patients being able to use multi-hormone therapy in lieu of preventive chemotherapy.

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Taking a Holistic Approach to Metastatic Breast Cancer
With DCC funding, a team of physician-scientists at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center focuses on the role of host contributions to breast cancer metastasis. In particular, they are studying the interactions between aspects of the tumor microenvironment, inflammation, and the immune system as they relate to the development, metastasis and prognosis of breast cancer. Current research efforts aim to characterize the role of immunosuppressive cells, inflammatory proteins, and non-cancer cells in the tumor microenvironment that promote breast cancer progression and metastasis.

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Sylvester Researchers Combining Immunotherapy and Radiation to Improve Cancer Outcomes
The immune system plays a vital role in finding and eliminating harmful cells that could potentially become cancer, but sometimes these cells find ways of avoiding the body’s detection. With the support of DCC funding, a team of scientists at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is studying new immunotherapy options that work together with radiation to find and kill hidden cancer cells in the hopes of substantially improving patient survival. This novel approach is called immuno-radiation and harnesses the potential of the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

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Sylvester Researchers Developing Novel Treatments for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children
With the help of DCC funding, researchers at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center are studying the cellular mechanisms that lead to cancer cell response in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as well as resistance to molecular-target therapies. Based on these pre-clinical work done at Sylvester, two Phase I clinical trials for ALL have been developed, giving hope to patients suffering from the disease.

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Using Stem Cells to Improve Outcomes for Hematologic Cancers
Supported by DCC funding, a team of scientists at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center studies the response of T cells after stem cell transplantation, with the goal of developing better approaches to improve outcomes. An important benefit of stem cell transplants is that these foreign, donated cells go on to kill the blood cancer cells. As a result of these cancer-fighting donated cells, doctors can reduce the dosage of drugs used to offset transplant rejection, in turn dramatically reducing toxicity.

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Allocation of DCC’s gift:
Translational Research 13% – Identifying novel cancer therapies with a special focus on developing precision treatment efforts.

Clinical Trials 20% – Conducting clinical trials will allow patients to receive some of the most promising new drugs being developed.

Among the most urgent needs:

Pediatric Oncology 20% – Improving cancer treatment for children.

Breast Cancer 11% – Better understand the heterogeneity of breast cancer to help deliver more personalized therapies.

Genitourinary Cancer 5% – Identifying the causes of kidney cancer.

Radiation Oncology Research 31% – Developing new ways to more precisely deliver radiation therapy in prostate and bladder cancers.

Your investment helps Sylvester provide life-saving treatments and hope to more cancer patients in South Florida than ever before. Equally as exciting, Sylvester’s work is leading to better outcomes for patients – outcomes that are far better than those achieved at other hospitals throughout the nation.

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