Dolphins Cancer Challenge
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We could not #TackleCancer without the help of our dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers.


The DCC relies heavily on the involvement of thousands of committed volunteers. Volunteers are encouraged to join in at one of the DCC Start or Finish locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach or at our many water stops along the routes.

Throughout DCC, we rely on our volunteers for:

Food Preparation / Food & Beverage:  Nutrition plays a key role in providing riders with the energy level they need for ultimate stamina during long rides.  Food prep volunteers will help prepare food and make sure it is ready to eat for our cancer tackling riders!

First Aid / Medical: Unfortunately, some riders can experience painful mishaps during their ride.  Whether it is a scrape, a fall, or an illness, aid may be needed in all different scenarios.  Help a rider get what they need!

Set up / Breakdown: Are you big and strong?  Do you know how to set up a table, tent or bike rack?  Well even if you fit none of the above, you are perfect for Set-up crew!  Help the team set up the water stop so it is ready to go in time for riders to arrive.

Hydration Station/Water Stops: Riding is tiring.  Drinking water and Gatorade is vital to a successful ride to prevent cramping and dehydration.  We need your help to keep these guys and gals hydrated!

Bike Parking / Loading:  After our riders tackle the long journey, they need to get some nutrition and fluids back in their system.  During this time, we need some helpful individuals to watch over the riders precious bicycles!

Bike Mechanic:  Know how to change a flat tire? Know how to raise a bike seat?  If you are knowledgeable about bike mechanics, we need your help!

Volunteer Check-In: With so many volunteers, it is important that all are accounted for and know where to be.  Help us check these individuals in and keep a count of where volunteers are needed.

Luggage: Instead of staying all sweaty and gross throughout the after party, some riders love to have clean clothing to change into.  Help organize our luggage so our riders’ bags get to the correct final destination.

Massage Therapy: After the treacherous journey through the DCC, rider’s muscles get tired and sore.  Nothing seems better than a deep massage by a certified massage therapist! Help loosen up our riders.

Cheering:  What is a better way to thank our riders for completing the DCC then by cheering for them as they cross the finish line?!  If you are a loud and enthusiastic individual, we would love to have you cheer!

Load-In:  To support the thousands of riders, we bring in a lot of items, whether it is food, beverages, signage or other materials.  We need your help to get all items together before the riders come through.

Breakdown: Even though the event is over, there is still a LOT of work to be done.  Please help us take down signage and put away all materials that were used to make such a great event.

Transportation: Instead of spending tons of money on gas to get to and from start and finish locations, many riders take advantage of our complementary transportation services.  Please help assist our riders get their bikes on the trucks and get themselves on the buses to have a comfortable and relaxing ride to the start or back to their vehicle after the finish.

Information:  Are you a DCC Know-It-All?  If so, we need you!  Come help give all our riders information once they have arrived at the start or finish of the ride.

Greeter:  If you are as friendly as can be and love talking to people, we would love for you to be the first people our riders talk to.  Feel free to give our riders a big smile and thank them for helping fight cancer.

Floating: If you are someone with skills in many different facets of volunteering, you are perfect to be a floater.  We could use you anywhere so be ready to help with many different tasks.

Kid Zone: Even though you are most likely too old to use bounce houses, you can still relive the memories by supervising the kid zone!  Help use keep the kid zone safe and enjoyable for all our future DCC riders!

Packet Pick-Up / Registration: It is vital to our event that all our riders get registered and get the packet that is designated for them.  Any and all organized and excited individuals are welcome!

Goody Bag Stuffing: For signing up for the DCC, our riders get goody bags consisting of a water bottle, little trinkets and additional information pertaining to the DCC.  And unfortunately, those items do not just appear in a bag. Help us stuff these bags to the brim for our riders.

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