Find A Participant

Why participate in training rides? Training rides are strictly for your benefit! They are made to educate past, present, and future DCC participants on ride safety and tips. Ride Marshals and mechanics attend every training ride to point out every aspect of the ride that can improve to make future training rides even better.

What to expect during a training ride? Our morning starts off with all the things you need for a safe and successful ride: music, nutrition, and hydration. Then right before wheels up at 7:00 AM, we will have pace and route groups lined up with our route leaders…then you’re off! When you arrive back, we will have complimentary breakfast and beverage waiting for you.

Rookie Orientation – To educate our rookie riders. We need to make sure we give our participants education on what we expect as riders and proper riding technique.

Pre and Post Rise Nutrition – Food and Beverage will be provided at each training ride in order to ensure all our riders remain energized and hydrated!

What to bring? Bring a water bottle and a helmet. Please leave your earbuds at home for they are restricted at every ride including the DCC!

Arrive at 6:30 am, pedals up at 7:00 am

All dates are subject to change without notice.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.