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At the inaugural Fall Family Fest in Miami on Nov. 15, Boo Zamek stood and watched as nearly 30 young participants and even more parents came together to form Team Jamie. As the team’s leader, Boo believed this was the perfect way to honor their late friend Jamie.

“Jamie was our inspiration,” Boo said. “Sylvester was not only ‘her cause,’ it was her family. She knew all the staff members there, and they knew and loved her. We are all ever-grateful to Sylvester for taking such good care of Jamie.”

The DCC event, which is focused on giving kids the opportunity to raise money for cancer research at Sylvester, has raised nearly $30,000, with Team Jamie’s fundraisers bringing in a whopping $8,436 alone. With all the money going directly to Sylvester where Jamie was treated, Boo said the amount raised makes her feel hopeful.

“We are tired of losing friends and family to cancer,” Boo said. “We are tired of seeing people die too young because of this cruel disease. Contributing to the research makes us hopeful they will find a cure sooner than later.”

The fundraising for Fall Family Fest participants isn’t over until March 31, 2016, and neither is the determination for Team Jamie participants who are committed to continue raising money. And although the event itself has come and gone, Boo believes this is the perfect opportunity for kids to play a part in the fight.

“I would encourage other families and children to do DCC’s Fall Family Fest and fundraise money not only because of how much the kids get out of it, but also because the funds go directly toward research at Sylvester,” Boo said.

If you want to donate to Team Jamie or any other Fall Family Participants, click here.

Thank you to the participants who had a role in Team Jamie’s success:
Holly Barnhart
Michele Benesch
Catherine Block
Lisa (Evil) DiGasbarro
Vicki Fernandez
Meg French
Mary Ann Griese
Heather Harary
Denie Harris
Darl & Pat (Bertha) Henderson
Leslie McKinney
Katie Newcomm
Courtney Noyes
Michelle Quirk
Kevin Rusk
Morgan Smith
Alexandra Von Romondt
Boo Zamek

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