Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Mike Essington

My Dad was an avid bike rider. He did many charity rides including a Century Ride in Lake Tahoe. We were good friends and shared many activities, but I was not a bike rider. That was his thing, he loved to ride. My father contracted Leukemia and fought the good fight. However, he went home to Jesus after a few years of his battle. Then many months after his passing, I got a crazy itch to start bike riding, so I bought a new bike and started mountain biking. I was having a blast and thinking of my Dad on my rides.

I also met Andy Weisenborn at our church. He was a great guy and at the time he was a two-time cancer survivor. We unfortunately recently lost Andy as his battle with cancer ended. He is an example of hope and encouragement to many. He heard I was riding a bike and asked if I was interested in doing the DCC V ride. I told him I was not a road rider, but he convinced me to sign up. It gave me an opportunity to talk with Andy a lot, which was wonderful.

After I mentally committed to the DCC V, I crashed on my bike on November 20, 2014. Fortunately I had my helmet on, but I did crack a rib and fractured my collar bone into three pieces. It was very painful and I had my collar bone surgically repaired on November 26, 2014. It required a metal plate and many screws, but my excellent doctor got it back in one piece. I started physical therapy on December 30, 2014. By the grace of God, a great surgeon/medical team, lots of prayers and some hard work, in February 2015 I did the DCC V ride on my Fat Bike!

For DCC VI, Andy was battling cancer again, but he needed to cross the DCC VI finish line. He could not pedal over the line, but with help from ThumbsUp International, I pulled Andy over the finish line in a trailer/carrier. We had a great time on the ride. As I mentioned, Andy went home to Heaven a few months ago.

I ride for my Dad’s memory/legacy, for Andy’s friendship/support, for my own health/recovery and to defeat cancer!

If you see a big guy riding a mountain bike with orange rims and 4 inch wide tires, give him a thumbs up and some encouragement. It will be me!

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