Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Jeremy Campos and #BrockStrong

As Miami Dolphins HR Director, Jeremy Campos makes it a priority to not just participate in the DCC, but also recruit several others to join the fight. Jeremy convinced his neighbor and friend, Scott Caruso, to ride with him in DCC VI, and little did they know their involvement this year would hit so close to home.

Just days after finishing DCC VI, Scott learned his son, Brock, would be fighting the fight himself.

“Brock’s dad participated in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge for the first time this year, and the magnitude of what has happened to his son has made it much more meaningful to me and to their family,” Jeremy said.

Brock, a loving first-grader, is now bravely fighting Wilms tumor. He recently underwent surgery to remove a mass blanketing his kidney, and is now turning the corner on his way to defeating cancer.

“Since we didn’t learn of Brock’s diagnosis until five days after the DCC, we’ve reflected back on the event and feel it was almost preparing us to tackle this thing head on; and Brock will undoubtedly beat this disease,” Jeremy said. “We have seen the countless success stories arise from the DCC over the past several years and feel strongly Brock’s story will be another one of those successes.”

The seven-year-old fighter is #BrockStrong, and their families are already discussing how Brock and Jeremy’s son Austin can participate in the years to come.

“Crossing the finish line and having several hundred riders, fans and volunteers cheer for you is complete validation all the efforts put forth to raise funds and awareness are worth every ounce,” Jeremy said.

Cancer can shake someone’s world in a matter of seconds. In Scott and Jeremy’s case, their world changed merely five days after DCC VI. As a rider since 2010, the significance of the DCC and the opportunity to be a cancer fighter now means more than ever.

“Supporting the DCC is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever be involved in,” Jeremy said. “It’s my hope my involvement will lift the spirits of those near and dear to me who are battling this dreadful disease themselves.”

To read more on Brock’s story and support him in the fight, CLICK HERE.

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