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Fundraising gets creative! Next time you use Uber in South Florida, you may be driving with someone who is raising money for DCC VI. First-time participant Jason Kryshka gave 120 Uber rides as a creative way to get to his fundraising minimum of $1,000.

“It brought awareness to the whole thing and it allowed for conversations,” Jason said. “You learn how many other people are affected by cancer and how appreciative they are for DCC. It’s very inspiring for me.”

Jason is participating in his first Dolphins Cancer Challenge after his wife, Elana, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last March. There isn’t a clear diagnosis as to what type of cancer Elana has, which happens in only 1% of cases each year, making the treatment plan very difficult to determine.

“It all hit me very quickly,” Jason said. “It was the first time in my life where a close person has been affected by cancer. I’m seeing how much funds and research are going into her treatment, so anything I can do to help in finding a cure would be ideal.”

After his wife was diagnosed, Jason began cycling as a way to deal with the stress of the life-changing news. He’s consistently riding about 100 miles per week, and will ride DCC VI alongside his four close friends who make up Team Elana.

“When we know we have 20 miles left…it’s only 20 miles,” Jason said. “Think of Elana, and think of the other people who are battling, who have no other choice but to continue to move forward and keep pressing through. That’s really the inspiration for our team.”

For his first DCC, Jason is looking forward to teaming up with his close friends for the long ride, but is most looking forward to crossing the finish line and seeing his wife and their family.

”It’s inspiring for her,” Jason said. “It’s something we’re doing for her and in honor of her and her fight.”

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