Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Eric Pfeil

Five years ago, Eric Pfeil was just a casual cyclist. Then, through a partnership with Team Premier Beverage and Team Bacardi, Eric rode in his first DCC and he has been hooked to the cause ever since.

“The atmosphere was fantastic and you know you’re riding for a good cause,” Eric said. “Both my wife and my mother have battled cancer, so it had an extra meaning. They are both survivors, fortunately but it just has an extra special meaning for me to ride to raise money so we can fight this terrible disease and hopefully eradicate it or slow it down.”

Today, Eric is a Heavy Hitter, team captain of Premier Beverage, a member of the advisory board and one of the DCC’s biggest advocates. As a first-year board member, he knows the impact he can have on the DCC.

“By being on the board, it’s about using contacts and relationships to try to drum up support within the community. I do feel more responsibility to try to get out and get more support. Anything we can do, and any way we can do it, is important.”

While focusing his energy on creating more support in the community for the DCC, Eric is dedicated to introducing the DCC to more people and growing his Premier Beverage team.

“As the Executive Vice President at Premier Beverage, it brings more people together if they know that I’m riding. We also have our President and CEO who ran in the DCC last year. When our folks at Premier Beverage know that we are involved, they want to be involved. We have people coming in from all over the state to participate. It’s a ride, it’s a walk, it’s a run and it’s fun, but it also builds a tremendous amount of camaraderie.”

As one of the biggest supporters for the cause, Eric is fulfilling his duties as a team captain and board member by encouraging everyone he meets to become involved in the DCC – whether it’s through riding, walking, volunteering or fundraising.

“You have to do it one time and you’ll be hooked for life,” Eric said. “You see all your fellow riders, walkers and runners all moving together to raise money to fight cancer. It is just such a great, heartwarming feeling at the end of the race when you’re done that you did something great for friends, loved ones and relatives, and maybe even yourself.”

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