Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Dominick A. Froio, Jr.

I have been involved in fitness my whole life.  I have participated in many sports and continue a dedicated fitness program.  I never missed a beat.  So when I was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t believe it. But knowing my body, finding cancer early in its development was truly a blessing.  So, like everything else in my life, I took the challenge head on- the toughest challenge of my life.

Being a military veteran during the Vietnam era and a retired New York State Trooper, I thought I was “bullet-proof”. Life has many turns. But my faith, family and friends (most of who I call my “Prayer Warriors”) helped give me the strength to endure the difficult treatment process. Additionally, my special team of doctors and staff members at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center gave me the extra encouragement I needed with outstanding treatment.

So many people have affected me in my life. The first was my hero and mentor – my father.  He was a World War II Veteran who died at an early age of cancer. Unfortunately, he did not have the expert medical care that I received at Sylvester.

When I was asked to join the Carnival Cruise Line’s team for the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, I accepted the offer. The decision to participate has given me a wonderful feeling of knowing that my fundraising will help others in need. My daughter and grandsons will be volunteering their time at this event and cheering me on. As I run, I will be focused on my family and friends who were affected by this disease and those who generously donated.

I pray for the cure and am so thankful to all who have supported me.

Today, I am cured, cancer free, am blessed, and I feel great.

“Still going strong”…. Dominick A. Froio, Jr., VP Security Services, Carnival Cruise Lines, Doral, FL

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