Dolphins Cancer Challenge
Brent Fonner

DCC rider and Heavy Hitter Brent Fonner is living proof of how DCC’s gift to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is saving lives. Brent was treated for kidney cancer at Sylvester in 2012, and is currently undergoing treatment there.

“The research money could not be more important,” Brent said. “I was like any other person who wasn’t directly affected by cancer. You never give it as much thought until you actually have to face it yourself or someone close to you.”

In 2012, Brent first heard of DCC while attending a Miami Dolphins football game. He looked up at the jumbotron and watched a video promotion for the event. He turned to his wife and said I’m going to ride. He had been diagnosed with cancer in January and still had the strength and determination to ride in DCC III just 10 months later.

“What makes me so happy and so excited to be involved is that 100% of every penny raised is going to cancer research,” Brent said. “Many do not realize how important that is. Everyday research is discovering and testing new drugs to fight this horrible disease. It’s also exciting that the funds go to Sylvester, where I’m treated and am the biggest UM fan in the world.”

Brent knows all the money he and thousands of other cancer fighters raise will stay to help cancer research right in South Florida. He has been hooked to the cause since his first experience and knows anyone else who participates for the first time will be just as hooked.

“You feel very special when you’re there,” Brent said. “There’s an emotion that day you can see on every single person’s face. Everybody – it doesn’t matter how much money they raise – because it all goes to the same cause.”

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