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Heavy Hitter DCC VI

Think you got what it takes to be at the top? Do you laugh at the word minimum? Do you spend your free time talking about the DCC and fighting cancer in South Florida? Then, my friend, you have what it takes to be a Heavy Hitter!

Heavy Hitter status is reached if a participant raises $2500 or more.

You can reach Heavy Hitter status a few ways:

Becoming a Heavy Hitter means you:

If you commit to being a Heavy Hitter during registration, you will also receive sweet bike shorts that match the DCC VI jersey in your gift bag.

All-Pro DCC VI

New to DCC VI, the DCC wants to honor those whose commitment exceeds everyone’s expectations – who truly took “above and beyond” to a whole new level!  You are committed to finding a cure, to beating cancer and equipping Sylvester with the tools needed to lead the fight!

Introducing the DCC All-Pro: participants who raise more than $10,000.  In addition to DCC’s lifetime admiration (and the above Heavy Hitter benefits), you will receive:

We know that becoming a Heavy Hitter is a huge accomplishment.  Thank you for your commitment and support – together, we will tackle cancer!

For more information on the Heavy Hitter or All-Pro program, please email

DCC VI Heavy Hitters

  • Heavy Hitters

    Oscar Ortiz $33,341
    Stephen Nimer $25,760
    Jerry Goodwin $18,606
    Marc Lippman $12,135
    Matt Allen $11,500
    Joseph Natoli $8,400
    Jim Di Lullo $7,605
    Vaughn Edelson $6,987
    Zack Feinsilver $6,903
    Michael Mandich $6,366
    Bruce Brecheisen $5,895
    Corey Feinsilver $5,290
    Tom Glaser $4,685
    Robert Merlin $4,201/td>
    Scott Schneider $3,857
    Jose Millan $3,620
    Mano Nazar $3,480
    Bruce Clipson $3,320
    Griffin Van Nest $3,283
    James Tate $2,950
    Jeff Shupert $2,600
    Lisa Siegel $2,578
    Alan Pollack $2,500
    Carlos Migoya $2,500
    Frank Herbert $2,500

DCC VI Team Leaders

  • Team Leaders

    Team Hurricanes - Sylvester $99,338
    Team Sebs $33,991
    Team Keyes $27,586
    Team FPL $23,990/td>
    Team Mad Dog $23,540
    Team Related $19,920
     Team Hurricanes - Team Denny  $13,293
    Team Dolphins $10,159
    Berkowitz Pollack Brant $8,869
     Mack Cycle  $8,799
    Gene and Ali $7,495
    Kaufman Rossin $6,732
    ADT Always Cares $6,545
     Team Lennar  $5,716
     Team Hurricanes - alex's place/UM Pediatrics/Holtz Children's Hospital  $3,875
     Team Hurricanes - UM Gables  $3,856
     Boca Raton Bicycle Club  $3,320
    Team Paul and Young Ron $3,105
     Premier Beverage  $2,956
     Team AutoNation  $2,725
    Team Hurricanes - Team Barb $2,565
     Carnival Cruise Line  $2,050
     Tri Sharks  $1,970
     Team Hope  $1,904
     Team USI  $1,895
    MCS - Metro Cycling Syndicate $1,845
     Team GT - Greenberg Traurig  $1,818
     Graham Companies/Shula's  $1,780
     Team Hurricanes - The Pap Corps  $1,710
     Weston Velo  $1,700
     Empire Office Hollywood  $1,615
     Blitz Cancer Cycling Squad  $1,475
     DCC Ride Marshals  $1,460
     Team MCCI  $1,295
     Traders trade on TradeStationStation  $1,150
     Team Baer's  $1,065
     I Survived Cancer with Team "God/CF&Sylvester" Team  $1,013

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