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Heavy Hitter DCC VI

Think you got what it takes to be at the top? Do you laugh at the word minimum? Do you spend your free time talking about the DCC and fighting cancer in South Florida? Then, my friend, you have what it takes to be a Heavy Hitter!

Heavy Hitter status is reached if a participant raises $2500 or more.

You can reach Heavy Hitter status a few ways:

Becoming a Heavy Hitter means you:

If you commit to being a Heavy Hitter during registration, you will also receive sweet bike shorts that match the DCC VI jersey in your gift bag.

Ring of Honor DCC VI

New to DCC VI, the DCC wants to honor those whose commitment exceeds everyone’s expectations – who truly took “above and beyond” to a whole new level!  You are committed to finding a cure, to beating cancer and equipping Sylvester with the tools needed to lead the fight!

Introducing the DCC Ring of Honor: participants who raise more than $10,000.  In addition to DCC’s lifetime admiration (and the above Heavy Hitter benefits), you will receive:

We know that becoming a Heavy Hitter is a huge accomplishment.  Thank you for your commitment and support – together, we will tackle cancer!

For more information on the Heavy Hitter or Ring of Honor program, please email

DCC VI Heavy Hitters

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DCC VI Team Leaders

  • Team Leaders

    Team Keyes $11,851
    Team Hurricanes $7,528
    Team FPL $4,426
    Berkowitz Pollack Brant $1,945
    Metro Cycling Syndicate $1,475
    Team Barb $1,445
    Carnival Cruise Line $1,275
    Team Lennar $1,035
    Team Mad Dog $950
    Gene and Ali $900
    Mack Cycle $575

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