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General Questions

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When is DCC VIII?
The event took place on February 10th, 2018! Fundraising for DCC VIII will continue until March 31st.

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Donate to the Dolphins Cancer Challenge HERE!

What is the DCC Concert?

The DCC VIII concert featured the Goo Goo Dolls & Big Head Todd and the Monsters. The concert took place at the finish line at Hard Rock Stadium following the DCC VIII Ride and 5K.

The concert is one of the new elements of the DCC that allows EVERYONE in South Florida to help tackle cancer. Concert admission cost for DCC VIII participants is included in registration fee. All fundraising participants have access to an exclusive area. Heavy Hitters receive ONE additional ticket to the Heavy Hitter section. All-Pros receive THREE additional tickets to the Heavy Hitter section. Fall Family Fest participants and one parent/guardian also receive a free ticket to the DCC VIII concert. Coolers will not be allowed in the concert.



(these tickets can only be purchased by participants and will give family and friends the ability to eat, drink and be part of the event, even if they are not registered, if they purchase the tickets on their own, they will not be able to enjoy the food, drinks and amenities)

  • Adults – $50
  • Under 10 years old – free

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to participate in the DCC. First, you can ride one of the six different routes offered, participate in the DCC 5k, or attend the finish-line concert!  You can get involved in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, and Boca Raton as a volunteer at one of the many events during the weekend. The Fall Family Fests are also a great way to get involved in October with your kids! Also, you can donate to an individual rider’s fundraising goal or become a corporate sponsor of the DCC!  Interested in forming a Corporate Team of riders? Email us at  or call us at 305-943-6799 to learn more.

Which DCC route should I choose?
All riders are encouraged to select a route which fits his or her abilities both physically and financially. All riders should be able to maintain a minimum average speed of 12 MPH for the duration of their respective ride. By registering for any ride, you are personally guaranteeing the fundraising minimum for that route.

What is the Fall Family Fest?
Family Fest took place on December 10th, 2017. We hope to announce next years date shortly for 2018!

For a full recap of Fall Family Fest, click here.

How can I purchase Miami Dolphins game tickets?
CLICK HERE or call 1-888-FINS-TIX (1-888-346-7849) to purchase Miami Dolphins tickets.


Where can I register?
DCC VIII Registration has been open since July 15th! 

How much is the registration fee for DCC weekend?
Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and DO NOT count towards a participant’s fundraising minimum. Registration fees will be used to provide amenities during the ride including: food, beverages, nutrition, medical supplies, police support, and mechanical assistance.

If you choose to change your route length or cancel your registration, you have until December 31st to cancel until there is a $25 fee.

What are the fundraising requirements for DCC VIII?

  • Hurricane Hundred(100 miles) – $1,000 to tackle cancer
  • Boca Ride (52 miles) – $750 to tackle cancer
  • Miami Ride  (35 miles) – $500 to tackle cancer
  • Fort Lauderdale (25 miles) – $500 to tackle cancer
  • Dolphins Ride (14 miles) – $250 to tackle cancer
  • DCC 5K at Hard Rock Stadium – $250 to tackle cancer

What is my password if I am a past participant?

If you are using the same email address as the previous year, your password  is also the same. Forgot password? Please contact HAKU  Support Team.

What is included in my registration fee?

The cycling registration fee provides amenities during the ride including:

  • One of a kind, custom DCC Jersey!
  • Commemorative water bottle!
  • DCC goody bag!
  • Also included: food & beverages (pre, during and post ride), medical supplies, route mechanical assistance if needed, SAG support, finish line massage & stretching and DCC Concert ticket!

The DCC 5k registration fee provides amenities including:

  • DCC T-Shirt
  • Finishing medal
  • Also included: food & beverages (pre and post run/walk), medical support if needed, and DCC Concert ticket!

Virtual Riders will receive access to the finish line celebration & party.

How do I fundraise? When are donations due?
Tips and letters to assist in your fundraising efforts are available HERE and under the “Resources” tab on the navigation bar above. Begin fundraising as soon as possible to reach your fundraising goal. Also, when registering, you create your own customized profile which allows you to tell donors why you are participating in the DCC. We strongly encourage riders to meet their fundraising minimums by ride weekend, however all fundraising minimums must be reached by the fundraising deadline, March 31, 2018.

Here is a webinar for more information on your fundraising account:

My company would like to become a corporate sponsor of the DCC. What sponsorship opportunities are available?
Sponsorships are available to fit almost any company and budget. It is because of our generous sponsors the DCC is able to donate 100% of rider-raised funds directly to Sylvester. We could not have an event with them! To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact the DCC at (305) 943-6799 or via email at

Why was I asked to provide my credit card information during registration?
Each rider must pay a non-refundable registration fee that does not count toward the fundraising minimum. Additionally, by registering for the DCC, riders are committing and personally guaranteeing that they will timely remit their fundraising minimums to DCC. Riders are responsible for raising and submitting the appropriate fundraising minimum amount to DCC before the set fundraising deadline (March 31, 2016). DCC will retain the credit card information provided to pay the registration fee to guarantee the fundraising minimum. If, for any reason, a rider is unable to reach his or her fundraising minimum before the fundraising deadline, the credit card provided will be charged for the unmet portion of the fundraising minimum. If the credit card charge is rejected for any reason, the rider will be held personally and legally responsible for the unmet portion of his or her fundraising minimum.


Are helmets required?
YES! Helmets are required for every bike route. Participants will NOT be allowed to participate in any DCC ride without a helmet.

How do I get back to the starting location of my ride from the finish line? Transportation is FREE!!! Complimentary transportation options are available from Hard Rock Stadium to all starting locations. Shuttle services are offered before the start and at the conclusion of each ride. Transportation will be provided for the rider, their bike, and a small piece of luggage such as a change of clothing.

How much do I need to train for DCC?
The DCC welcomes cyclists of all experience levels to join DCC. Train appropriately to your fitness level in preparation for the DCC. All riders should be able to maintain an average speed of 12 MPH for the duration of their respective rides. The DCC will offer Training Rides at various locations within the tri-county area. Find our Training Tips on the Resources tab on the navigation bar above for more information.

How many miles are there between rest stops?
During the ride there will be a rest stop about every 15-20 miles with food, beverage, nutrition and mechanical and medical assistance. SAG vans will also patrol the route to provide immediate assistance if necessary. Law enforcement will work to ensure rider safety on the road.

How strenuous are the DCC routes?
First, remember DCC is a RIDE, NOT a race. This means you should ride at your own pace. Time will not be kept, nor are any prizes awarded for finishing first. That being said, all cyclists should train before participating in DCC. The DCC offers Training Rides to prepare for DCC VIII. All riders should be able to maintain a minimum average speed of 12 MPH for the duration of the ride.

Do you have training tips from other riders or a schedule of group rides before the DCC?
Yes! Training Tips and Fundraising tips are located on the resources tab on the top bar of the homepage. Be sure to check the DCC Facebook page to get up-to-the minute information on DCC Training Rides.

Can my kids ride/run with me?
All bike routes are restricted to adults age 18+. We do this for safety reasons, as your safety is our most important priority. Kids in baskets on your bike will NOT be allowed.
Children 9 and under can accompany their parent for the 5k run/walk. Youth ages 10-17 will need to register for the 5k and commit to a $250 fundraising minimum to participate.


How do I make a donation?
Donations to a fundraiser can be made here. Donations may also be submitted via check. All checks should be made out to the Dolphins Cycling Challenge and mailed to the DCC office with a completed Check Donation Form.

Will my donor’s information be shared with anyone?
Your information is safe!  Donor information will not be sold to third parties, but may be used by the DCC, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Miami Dolphins, and/or Hard Rock Stadium for marketing purposes.

What do I do with a check given to me by a donor?
Checks should be made out to the DCC and mailed to the address listed below. A Check Donation Form must be completed for every check sent to the DCC. Up to four (4) checks may be submitted on one (1) form. Just make sure it’s accompanied by a Check Donation Form. Checks and Check Donation Form should be sent to:

Dolphins Cancer Challenge
347 Don Shula Drive
Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Can I make or accept a cash donation?
If you receive cash donations, please do not bring cash to the DCC office. Instead, retain the cash and write a check to the DCC, or take the cash to a bank and have a cashier’s check issued. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail.

Can I change the recognition name of my donation?
On the riders’ personal page, the donor’s name and donation amount will be visible. If you would like to change the recognition name, just send an e-mail to Please be sure to include the rider’s name, original recognition name, donation amount, donation date, and desired recognition name.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes! Participant donations are tax deductible. If the donation was made online, you should receive an email acknowledging your donation immediately. Donors who mail a check will receive an acknowledgement letter via the email address provided on the Check Donation Form.  If no email address is provided, the DCC will send an acknowledgement letter in the mail for donations over $250, if a mailing address is provided.

Is DCC a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization? What is the Tax ID number?
Dolphins Cycling Challenge, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Dolphins Cycling Challenge Inc.’s Tax ID number is 45-4808311. Please contact DCC for further information or to receive a copy of our Letter of Determination.